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Vanity is an open source, volunteer project, and could always use some help. If you have questions regarding anything mentioned below or in another way related to Vanity development, contact the Vanity Team at


If you know how to write Javascript, your help is absolutely welcome. Of highest priority is supporting as many services as possible and fixing things that have stopped working — check out the list of bug reports to find out where help is needed.

The preferred way of contributing is through Git. If you know how to work with Git, be sure to check out Vanity's page on Gitorious, clone the repository, and submit a pull request when you're done.

If you don't know how to work with Git, download the latest snapshot of the Vanity code. Do your thing, and when done, report a bug (it's not really a bug, but still) with your code attached.

Feature suggestions

If you have a request for a specific feature, or have found something that doesn't work (anymore), it would be much appreciated if you reported it in the Vanity bug tracker. If you have a request for a specific service to be supported, please add the tag site-request.

What is Vanity

As a modern internet citizen, you track what music you listen to on, watch Rick Astley videos on YouTube, track what books you read on Goodreads, share links on—alas, you get the picture. So why create a whole new website of your own when so much information on you is already available online? Vanity collects all this information on a single page, allowing you to quickly and easily set up a personal website that's always up-to-date.

Get involved

Vanity is a volunteer project, and could always use some help. If you can do Javascript, or just have great idea, you can help! Read more

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